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Contact Form 7 – Paypal Extension Pro

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Contact Form 7 – Integrate Paypal Submit button to Contact Form 7 which redirects directly to Paypal for payment.

Php Version Compatible Up to 5.4

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Product Description

Earlier, WordPress website users were witnessing many difficulties in integrating PayPal option with their site’s Contact Form 7 (CF7), which is one of the most used and reliable WordPress Plugin with widespread presence over the web.

However, time to leave all your worries behind. As a recently launched ‘Contact Form 7 – PayPal Extension’ will allow you, WordPress developers, to put a PayPal submit button in your contact form 7 so users will get redirected to PayPal easily and quickly.

This CF7 plugin extension will bring the best of both – Contact Form 7 and PayPal – in merely one-click process. The extension can be of great help for WordPress site owners to embrace fast online payment facility on their web portals.

Using this Contact Form 7 – PayPal Extension, you can easily embrace PayPal fields in your Contact Form 7. Indeed this extension can add a real value to WordPress sites seeking secure, quick online payment integration. Sounds like a new emerging trend which is there to stay long, isn’t it?

Using this plugin, you can add ‘PayPal submit button’ in the form which will take the necessary information from the form fields and redirect users on the PayPal’s website so they can proceed for a secure payment. The payment is made once you submit the form. This can really speed up your online payment.

Digging up further to its advantage, the plugin doesn’t make use of the action handler ‘on_set_ok’ in the ‘Additional Settings’ tab of the CF7. You just need to add some parameters and get PayPal functionality in your CF7. In order to use this plugin, make sure your Contact Form 7 is activated.

You can also check our free version from here.

Need technical assistance in integrating PayPal to your Contact Form 7? Contact ZealousWeb, a leading web development company and the developers of this plugin.

Contact Form 7 – PayPal Extension Pro Features :

  • It brings you PayPal payment option with 25 currencies supported.
  • Allows you to integrate multiple PayPal accounts in a single CF 7.
  • The Plugin can take values from all input fields including drop-down menu, textbox, hidden field, radio buttons, etc.
  • It accepts dynamic value from frontend for parameters like item description, amount and quantity.
  • There is a testing option, known as ‘Sandbox’, available to help you ensure the plugin is functioning properly.
  • You can also add ‘Return URL’ and ‘Cancel URL’ for payment cancellation facility.
  • 22 PayPal languages supported – Multilingual.
  • Save Contact Form 7 payment data into database.
  • PayPal payment response details stored at admin side.
  • Export Contact Form 7 payment data to CSV.
  • All filters and search facility available at admin side.
  • Admin can edit or delete Contact Form 7 payment data.
  • You can personalize email content for this plugin, Email(1) of Contact Form 7 is send to payee after successful transaction and Email(2) is send to admin after successful or unsuccessful transaction.
  • [paypal-details] tag added to email content gets replaced by stripe payment response in email.
  • If any incomplete transaction has been left by the user, then he is notified via email which will be send by wp cron. You can manage settings of notification email.
  • User can unsubscribe to these mails also.


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